3 Course Bajan special menu

$95 Barbados dollars

Vat included


Summer Bajan Trio special

June 1st to October 31st

1st, 2nd, and dessert, your choice. $95.00



soup of the day.   $20.00


local mixed organic greens with chopped egg, capers, local tomato, roasted sweet pepper and balsamic vinaigrette.  $26.00


local organic tomato salad with cucumbers, kalamata olives, feta cheese, fresh basil and olive oil balsamic reduction.  $26.00


hot shrimp or chicken salad sautéed with bruinoise of vegetables, local bacon, garlic, oregano and white wine served on mixed greens with lemon dill dressing and parmesan cheese.   $32.00


duo cakes; warm goat cheese cake and roasted pepper breadfruit cake with fresh basil and tomato concassé, balsamic syrup and passionfruit emulsion.   $32.00


local chicken liver pan-fried with port demi-glace and roasted caramelize apples.   $28.00


shrimp (guyana) fried in light tempura batter with mango soy dipping

sauce.   $32.00


cou-cou fried with boneless pork, white wine tarragon demi-glace and crispy onions.   $34.00


fried calamari in seasoned flour with lemon fresh herb garlic

aioli.   $30.00


pulled pork crepe with local mango bbq sauce, chives and swiss      cheese and sweet potato gratin.  $32.00


local chicken spring rolls with wasabi honey soy

dressing.   $32.00





vegan local roasted peppers filled with herb rice and crushed breadfruit and served with eggplant ratouiile.  $55.00


linguini pasta with meatballs, onions and basil in luna tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.   $55.00


fettucine pasta with fresh fish or chicken or shrimp; capers, garlic, onions, fresh basil in luna tomato sauce or onions and oregano in a white wine parmesan cream sauce.   $55.00

local chicken breast pan roasted and filled with fresh herbed sweet potato and swiss cheese stuffing and white wine onion

pan gravy.  $60.00


half chicken (local) oven roasted with sticky asian bbq sauce and local chives.   $60.00


pork spare-ribs (local) oven braised with a luna smokey

bbq sauce.   $65.00


beef sirloin steak (usa) grilled with blue cheese butter, cracked peppercorn gravy and onion rings.   $85.00


west indian shrimp pan fried in panko breadcrumbs with chablis roasted pepper beurre blanc and local breadnut pesto.  $79.00


fresh seafood crepe; fresh local fish and shrimp with a vermouth chive  butter sauce, tomato concassé and fresh basil.   $69.00


luna “bajan” fish stew; fresh local fish, organic sweet potato and vegetables simmered in local pepper cream fish broth served with garlic herb parmesan bread.   $65.00


luna bouillabaisse; fresh local fish and shrimp simmered in local tomato pernod broth served with organic citrus aioli and garlic herb parmesan bread.   $70.00


oistins fish market catch (local) grilled and shrimp grilled with a local gooseberry wine beurre blanc and pineapple salsa.  $69.00



luna guava bakewell tarte.  $19


luna mango baked cheesecake. $19


luna dark chocolate baked cheesecake. $19


luna warm bread pudding and rum sauce. $19


*luna rum and coconut brulee. $19


*ice cream (vanilla or chocolate). $15


luna carrot cake and cream cheese icing. $19




please inform us of any food allergies.

dear guests please note that we will only be providing one bill per table.

executive sous chef: Mario Headley

executive chef: Moo de Gruchy`

all prices include V.A.T

a discretionary 12.5% service charge (P.S.T.) and a 2.5 % D.T.S Levy will be added to your bill

15% service charge on parties of 8 or more.