Sushi Night

Every Thurs & Fri

smaller a la carte menu 

also available

Prices in Barbados dollars

moo’s little tokyo


tiger beer 640ml (singapore) $18.00

seaweed salad.  $22.00

vegetable tempura with japanese piquant sauce.   $25.00

tempura shrimp with japanese piquant sauce.   $32.00

tempura local catch with piri piri sesame honey sauce.  $32.00

tempura chicken with piri piri sesame honey sauce.  $32.00

seaweed salad with tempura shrimp and tobiko.  $34.00

seaweed salad with spicy tuna sashimi (raw) and tobiko.  $32.00

smoked octopus and tuna sashimi (raw) with sesame dressing and seaweed salad.  $34.00

local nigiri sushi (rice pallet)

yellow fin tuna (raw)  $9.00

kingfish (raw)  $9.00

barracuda (raw)  $9.00

local sashimi sushi  (raw sliced fish)

yellow fin tuna  $28.00

kingfish  $28.00

barracuda  $28.00

assorted  $54.00

luna spicy tuna  $34.00

tuna rolled with green seaweed, tobiko and spicy mayo  $34.00

marinated tofu pockets filled with rice and;

yellow fin tuna (raw) with chives, tobiko and piri piri sesame honey sauce.   $34.00

grilled nobashi shrimp with crispy sweet potato, avocado and asian bbq sauce.  $34.00

grilled scallops with diced cucumber, tobiko and wasabi honey sauce.  $35.00

crazy maki rolls

deep fried shrimp and crab with spicy mayo and tobiko.  $40.00

panko flying fish, fresh crabmeat, tempura pumpkin and lime mayo.  $30.00

yellow fin tuna (raw) with chives, piri piri chili basil mayo and crispy potato.  $34.00

tempura shrimp with cucumber, avocado and spicy mayo.  $35.00

crispy sweet potato with chives, cream cheese and lime sweet chili.  $35.00
tempura chicken with lime mayo and asian bbq sauce.  $32.00

café luna

thursdays and fridays “little tokyo nights”




local mixed organic greens with local tomato, cucumber and balsamic vinaigrette.


local chicken liver pan-fried with port demi and mango raisin chutney.


eggplant “frita” ; local eggplant sliced very thin and fried in tempura batter with mango soy piquant dip.


local smoked mahi on a warm potato cake with wasabi mayonnaise and capers.


pulled pork crepe  with local soursop asian bbq sauce, chives and swiss cheese and sweet potato gratin.


main courses


local pork spare ribs oven braised with local soursop and asian bbq sauce. 


beef ribeye steak (u.s.a) pan seared with peppercorn demi cream.


rack of lamb (new zealand) roasted with organic sweet potato crust and balsamic syrup.


local chicken breast pan roasted; filled with organic sweet potato and cheddar with rosemary infused sauvignon blanc demi glace.


big shrimp (guyana) grilled with local  breadnut pesto and chablis butter sauce.


please inform us of any food allergies.

dear guests please note that we will only be providing one bill per table

all prices include v.a.t.

a discretionary 12.5% service charge (P.S.T.) and a DTS Levy will be added to your bill

 15% service charge on parties of 8 or more.