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Monday to Friday


cooked oatmeal with cut banana and candied walnuts $20.00


        fresh banana bread served with fresh cut fruit. $24.00


assorted cereal with fresh cut fruit and yogurt. $22.00


local pumpkin butter milk pancakes; served with homemade banana cream.  $28.00


stuffed french toast with swiss cheese and ham served with homemade fruit   syrup. $32.00


herb scramble; scrambled eggs, cream cheese, green onion and tarragon on whole wheat toast with hash potatoes. $28.00


bajan breakfast;  two eggs any style with pan fried fresh catch of the day, fried plantain, grilled tomato and whole wheat toast. $32.00


huevos rancheros; two eggs, any style, on a flour tortilla with bacon, tomato salsa and cheese. $32.00


bacon sausage omlette 3 eggs with tomato, onion, bacon, sausage, and swiss cheese served with toast. $30.00


        old english  2 eggs, any style, served with bacon or sausage or ham, grilled tomato and toast. $32.00


poached eggs  with local cut tomato and grated cheddar and swiss cheese and hash potatoes. $32.00


open local vegetable 3 egg frittata; sautéed peppers, carrots, sweet potato, onion and  pumpkin, garnished with sour cream, cut tomato, green onions, and fresh parsley. $32.00


power breakfast 3 scrambled egg whites, with grilled vegetables, feta cheese, served with fresh cut fruit. $32.00


veggy omelette  3 eggs, spinach, onion, tomato and cheddar cheese served with toast. $29.00


Bacon (4 Strips)                                  $13.00

Sausage (2)                                         $13.00

Hash Browns                                      $12.00

Grilled tomato                                      $6.00

Yogurt                                                  $10.00

Eggs (2)                                               $6.00

Fresh Fruit                                         $15.00

Toast (2 Slices)                                   $5.00 

Oatmeal                                               $14.00


 Orange, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Passion fruit,

Pineapple Guava, Cranberry Juice        $6.00

Cappuccino                                            $9.00

Espresso                                                 $6.00

Latte                                                      $10.00

Americano                                              $7.00

Coffee                                                    $5.00

Tea                                                         $5.00

Tea                                                         $5.00

Milk (2%.)                                              $6.00

All prices are in Barbados Dollars and include V.A.T. and D.T.S. Levy.

A 12.5% Service Charge will be added to your bill. 15% Service Charge on parties of 8 or more.

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